Specific attention should be provided on the following key aspects.

  • Eligibility
  • Selection process
  • Infrastructure
  • Hardware & EDA Tools
  • Other Services
  • Intellectual Property
  • Periodic Evaluation
  • Duration at the Incubator
  • Exit Guidelines
  • Conflict of Interests
  • Disclaimers


The prospective incubates should meet the following basic criterion in order to take the application forward to the next stage.

  1. The start-up should have focus on building a real industry as opposed to conducting activities to promote higher understanding of scientific facts or be doing exceptional engineering work not related building a commercial venture.
  2. The business domain should be in the area of VLSI Chip and system design. Though the specific focus of the incubator is in the area of chip design auxiliary domains pertaining to semiconductors such as development of EDA tools software related to device design. development Of new materials, process development are also encouraged.
  3. The proposal for incubation should at least satisfy one Of the following prerequisites. Kindly read an •OR" between each criterion.
  4. We encourage expressions Of interest from all. These include faculty, students, alumni, research/project associates.